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What People are Saying

Here’s what others say about Initiating the Heart!

“Heart was a profound experience for me connecting to myself and others in a beautiful, deep and trusted way.  Carole does a phenomenal job accessing her intuitive wisdom and facilitating group dynamics. My Heart experience felt profoundly healing; I released a lot of shame and self judgement that I had carried for years. In the process this created space for me to feel more authentic love and joy for myself and others. Heart was a beautiful and priceless experience. I am forever grateful, I learned to “come home” to myself in “Heart Center”. -Diana

“It has been 8 months and I can say that it was SO worth it.  At Heart I was introduced to concepts such as being proud of and relishing in my sexuality, connecting with nature, and dreamwork (I never knew how to interpret dreams and how important they are)… Most of all, I know that I have this center, this place of calm and stillness and wisdom which I got to recognize as my Heart Center. I can come back to this place anytime I want now. It has helped me at work and in other areas of my life too.

…three days of silence and fasting, dance expression like never before, silent hikes alone in Arizona wilderness, dark starry nights with wolves howling around us… it was 2 weeks I never wanted to end.

 And in a way it never did end. It is still alive and I am a different person because of it. I know there is more to life and to pay attention and appreciate it. I know there’s a depth to me that I can tap into. My standards for my life are different… I recommend anyone to go.” -Veena

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