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Mystery School Graduate Studies

2017 – 2018

“The Goal of the Great Work is Transformation”

Mystery School Post-Graduate Study is for MS Year 4 graduates wanting to continue working with a highly skilled group in the field of depth psychology and the mystical arts.

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Otherwise please read all about our exciting new program for those of you who have completed all four years of the Mystery School.

As a MS Year 4 graduate the hard work of “learning how to learn” is behind you! You’re able to hold a container and open the portal, delve into shadow material, channel archetypal energies, lead ritual, and act in service to the greater collective. And, you know the vast potential a tribe creates for individual and collective discovery.   From this solid foundation we’re looking forward to beginning work we haven’t yet imagined.

Post-Graduate Study will be less intensive than the first 4 years. Structured spaciously over a three year time period, each year has 2 modules. Supporting structures such as buddies, study groups or dream groups will be offered but not required.   At the conclusion of each year you’ll choose whether to continue your study.

“We need mystery schools now more than ever before.   They show us that the source of all knowing is eternal. Our task today is simply to remove the veil”. – Manley Hall

MS Post-Graduate Study Year in Summary

Module One begins on Sunday at 6pm and ends with breakfast on Saturday at 11am. Module Two begins on Sunday at 6pm and ends with Breakfast on Sunday.

Module One: September 10 – 16, 2017

Module Two: March 4 – 11, 2018

Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum takes us to the threshold between numen and phenomenon, allowing us further develops our personal and spiritual wisdom, love, and power.   Modalities of exploration will include dream work, meditation, Jungian themes in film, art, movement, dance and ritual.

Curriculum will be strongly influenced by those attending.

Possible areas of focus may be:

  • The Secret Science Behind Miracles
  • The Body As Shadow
  • Making Magic: The Core Of All Esoteric Teachings
  • The Stones Of The 7 Rays
  • Lunar and Solar – Healing the Inner Feminine, Redeeming the Inner Masculine
  • Honoring Hermes: The Playground Of Creativity and Change
  • Our Soul’s Vow: Choosing The Narratives We Live By
  • Furthering Initiation and Rites Of Passage
  • Psychology And The Occult
  • Union and Transcendence
  • Impossible Realities Becoming Possible

Tuition and Logistics Fees

Tuition: $1600

Logistic Fees: Modules Locations TBD*

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Leigh Alexander at (415) 516-5028 or Leigh@PathwaysInstitute.com

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