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Attachment to the Familiar

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Why do most people have their peak experiences in life in their early to mid 20s? Is the possibility truly that different at 40 compared to 20? Carole shares a piece on how attachment creates a false sense of protection. The belief that everything’s possible, which slowly begins to fade over time, is typically driven away by fear of […]

The Power in Accountability

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What’s the difference between “accountability” and “blame?” Once you know the difference, which one has more impact in your life? Why do so many people hate the word accountability? As Carole shares in this powerful 90-seconds, the word accountability is often confused with blame

Planning Kinda Sucks

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Outside of an exception of a very small percentage of you reading this, planning is something that most of us actively avoid. It kinda sucks, actually. So how can we do it anyway with the least amount of pain possible? Here’s a start.

This is a continuation of what I started in “The Weight We Carry.”

It Takes A Tribe

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Once we’ve set a goal we need to stay motivated and that’s where the power of tribe comes in. Most of us don’t get much done alone. It takes a tribe.

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