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Individual Coaching

Get the one-on-one attention you need to create the life you want

Pathways Institute is introducing a unique opportunity for you to create a new result,explore your deeper truths, and find more fulfillment and success in all that you do.

The practice of personal development can lead you down many different roads to your greater life vision.

“With one-on-one coaching from Carole, you can explore the deepest depths of your psyche OR get the strategy that you need to take your life, business, or career to the next level.

By combining the intuition and wisdom that comes internally with the strategy, focus, commitment, and desire to build the life you want externally, you'll discover a clearer path to your passion and life vision”.

For a FREE private consultation with Pathways Institute’s founder, Carole Kammen, please complete intake form.

Through one-on-one coaching with the founder of Pathways, Carole Kammen, you'll explore the deepest parts of your psyche and practices for growth, healing, or taking the next step in your inner development.

One-on-one (or couples) coaching with Carole can focus on a wide range of topics including:

  • Depth Work—Heart, Seer, Shadow
  • Dream Work
  • Symbolism and Messages from the Psyche
  • Archetype and Energetic Work
  • Healing and Self-Care
  • Exploration of true self and life purpose
  • Connecting to inner wisdom
  • Living in accord with your Soul’s longing and your deepest purpose
  • Living a Heart centered life
  • Transcending the limitations of ego consciousness
  • Authentic and Deep relationships
  • Deepening compassion for yourself and others
  • Seeing and transforming at the pattern level—yourself, your family, work, tribe
  • Mid-life coaching—living your unlived life
  • Navigating Life Transitions
  • Reaching your highest potential
  • Self-Leadership Skills
  • Transforming Limiting Mindsets

Carole specializes in coaching for individuals, couples, and executives.

Through her unique ability to couple esoteric and philosophical wisdom with the latest developments in neuroscience and adult learning, she has delivered training, workshops, and mentoring to thousands.

For more information contact Carole by e mail: CKammen@PathwaysInstitute.com

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