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New Year’s Resolution is an Oxymoron

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A resolution is the conclusion to something. The act of finishing. The wrap up to something that has already begun. But we’re only a few days into the new year and our grand proclamation is to talk about the end. Wouldn’t New Year’s Declaration or New Year’s Intention just seem a little bit more solid?

The Rut Cracker

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Why is it so easy to get into a rut and so hard to get out of one? Here are some options ranging from common sense to deeper perspectives.

This is a pre-emptive strike!  I’m taking on the malaise that’s sure to strike soon for many.

Are you using yourself well?

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One of the most common traps is getting stuck in a particular perspective rather than granting yourself the ability to shift quickly and effectively. It’s all about perspective, as Carole shares in this quick lesson: To shift quickly, ask yourself the following questions: Am I using myself well in this moment? Is there enough demand

The Gift of Feedback

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One of the most vital skills in communication and any team-building is the gift of feedback. The practice of effective feedback, or expressing impact and other possibility rather than behavioral correction, is a vital part of any successful team or relationship. So why is it so hard for many people to accept or give?

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